Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mad Mex- Last Stop on the Food Coma Express

Yo, Mad Mex is a fuuuun place to eat. I've been going for there for years and never had a bad experience. Last week I went for a late night hang with one of my besties (he took the photo above- at the time it was taken I thought that this waffle fry was as big as my face... it wasn't.) We sat outside having inappropriate conversations, laughing too loud, and pestering our endlessly patient and accommodating punk rock waiter. The food came quick, the portions were huge (the burritos are impossible to eat with your hands and finishing an entire plate results in severe food coma.) While we snacked on our not-face-sized-but-still-giant waffle fries we commented on how much we love Mad Mex. The atmosphere is great. It's just loud enough not to be forced to eavesdrop (and ensure your secrets don't leave your table), the lighting is low and warm, candles flicker on each table casting everyone in a friendly glow... in fact, it almost reminds me of being by a campfire. There's just somethin' about it, you know? They also have a massive amount of vegan options and plenty to eat for those who lack of empathy for other living things so you and all your meat-mouthed pals can roll over and chow down together in perfect harmony. (There's also a full bar for the drinkers.)

Mad Mex is over in University City on Drexel campus. Here is their menu- I really like The Angry Vegan (grilled portabello, spicy spinach, black beans, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, and daiya) and the waffle fries (obviously.)  A burrito will run you about $9.

Now here's a lil secret: If you are a student, bring your ID Mon-Thurs from 2-4pm or any night 11pm-1am for 50% off your food! 50% OFF!!! THAT IS SO CHEAP!

This place is great for big groups, hanging late with friends, casual dates (actually this is a really great chill date spot, totally taking my boyfriend here), and poverty dining (if you're a student.)

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