Thursday, August 23, 2012

TRUENUTRITION.COM - cheap custom vegan protein

Yo, have you SEEN this page?! This place does custom mixed proteins and has a lot of vegan options (proteins: pea, rice, hemp, and of course soy, then are there a slew of vegan additives.) You pick which protein and what % of your mix you want it to be (I did 50% pea, 25% hemp, and 25% rice), which flavor you'd like and how heavily flavored you’d like it (I did premium natural vanilla), which sweetener you'd like (I did stevia and regret it very dearly- YUCK!), and how much, etc etc. Also it’s INSANELY CHEAP! 1 pound of my custom pea/rice/hemp cost under $10! They shipped my order the same day it was placed too! 
This site will be the savior of broke fit vegans the country over. Share it y’all!

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