Monday, December 17, 2012

Vegan Calzones at Slice

I have been vegan for half of my life and love calzones, but you know how many times I've had calzones since I went vegan? LIKE TWICE. Depressing. However, I'm happy to announce that we're entering a new era in vegan carbohydrate consumption that will lift the spirits of all Philly vegans who have a calzone-shaped hole in their diet. Meet  Slice:

For around $10 you can get a gigantic, DELICIOUS calzone with any number of fun things stuffed inside (I got red onion, next time I'd adding fresh basil as well.) I'm not sure what brand of vegan cheese they use but it's delish. I'd skip the fries though, despite that they come out in an adorable little pail, they're pretty lackluster (sliced too thin, not crispy enough, not well salted.) Not to mention if you get a calzone it's unlikely that you'd have room to eat them anyway. (Here is Slice's MENU... YUUUUM!)

Slice has two locations in the city, one in the Italian Market area, and one in Rittenhouse. The Italian Market spot is infinitely better. It's about the size of a bedroom, which is kind of cute and romantic. Only downside is that on cold nights (like the one I spent there), the door opening and closing with people coming in and out will just about freeze you. However, the calzones are so good it doesn't matter. They come perfectly browned and oozing vegan cheese and chunks of tomato. The waiter we had was awesome, leaving us to sit for a short eternity while I read Sartre's play "No Exit" aloud (with voices) to my boyfriend (it's so good!), and being extremely accommodating without being invasive.

As for the Rittenhouse location (where the above photo was taken), I have less generous things to say. We sat at the bar but has to be careful not to touch anything below eating level due to the amount of food stuck to it (...ew.) Our calzone (this time we split one, they're pretty huge) came out room-temperature in the middle and sported some mostly raw onions, which left my breath toxic for the rest of the day much to my boyfriend's chagrin. When I told the waitress after we were done (I was too hungry to care when we got it) she commented that was unusual and walked off. Meh. I'm sure I'll end up here again and again due to it's central location and taking of cards, I just hope that next time is better.

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