Saturday, August 25, 2012

Samosa Chaat at Desi Chaat House

I finally made it to DESI CHAAT HOUSE in West Philly aka “Mars”, since that’s about how frequently I go there. Well, I’m ordering a space suit because I’ll definitely be there more often now. This place is SUPER vegan friendly, serving up a huge variety of chaat (Indian street food.) I got samosa chaat- I figured I'd start basic. What’s awesome about chaat is that it combines every flavor in food- sweet, savory, salty, and sour- with different temperatures- cold, hot, warm- with different textures- crunchy, soft, and everything in between. It’s actually kind of a wild experience for those of us with unfamiliar palates. 

This gigantic meal cost $5.99, and there are cute little tables to sit at outside and a big park to chill in a couple blocks down. LOVE THIS PLACE!

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